We are into great designs, and small details. We create pure quality, and understated looks. We started out with denim, and advanced into collections. We go beyond borders, and believe in true friendship. We value our heritage. Love today, admire tomorrow.
We are CLOSED. Handmade in Italy. Since 1978.

Established in 1978, developed by family and friends, CLOSED is a brand that has its heritage in denim but also designing everyday wear for men women and children. With the roots in French design, high quality production in Italy and a strong German business platform CLOSED has its headquarters in Hamburg. Always striving to perfect the fit, CLOSED puts a lot of emphasis on the fusion of design and comfort.
Across the world, people have been wearing their iconic denim for decades and continue to do so due to the quality and durability. We are proud to be a part of the CLOSED family and to represent its collections in Belgium.

Men / Spring - Summer

in show room from 22.01.2019 till 22.02.2019

voor info of afspraak contacteer Vincent De Vel of Anne Van Riel